Thursday, May 12, 2005


Stopping the Spread of AIDS.
Benefits of - AIDS Condom Education.
The first Step is to start talking about it.

Millions are dying in Africa and All over the world. It is EASY to blame others, the Pope, and Bush but what are WE Doing about the problem. I mean, other than shooting off our mouths about the problem.

Today, I am going to send an Email to ALL those I have Email contact with
asking them to join in spreading the word - FOR AIDS CONDOM EDUCATION.

How can anyone be against the idea? Some will look for a Better Idea, nothing wrong with that, but in the meantime, join Me.
Individually, we can do little, but collectively we can do MUCH.

Unprotected Sex contributes to the Spread of AIDS.
Is the Risk worth it - NOT to use a Condom?
If a person has Unprotected Sex they don’t care about their partner or themselves.

Does this make sense? What should be added?

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