Sunday, April 02, 2006

South Africa is the world's capital where rape takes place every 26-57 seconds.

South Africa, according to reports, has the worst rape statistic in the world, Women and child rapes have skyrocketed with as many as 961 incidents taking place daily.

Rape is committed roughly every 30 seconds, then 2 880 women and men are being raped daily in South Africa.

Another Dead Baby Found – WHY ISN’T THE ANTI-ABORTION BUNCH YELLING ABOUT THAT. Guess, they don’t care about children AFTER they are born.

Better HOPE BuSh doesn't find out about this.

A new brand of male condom, 'Dume' (Kiswahili for masculine), has been launched in Tanzania, prompting activists to call for an aggressive education campaign for their use in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS.

The male condoms were launched by Tanzania Marketing and Communication, with support from the US Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief fund and the US Agency for International Development, and are expected to retail at about 100 Tanzanian shillings (US $0.10) for a packet of three.

Speaking at the launch, Reginald Mengi, a member of the Tanzania AIDS Commission, said it was unfair for people who preferred abstinence ( That is BuSh and the Pope) to disparage those who promoted condom use as their preferred method of prevention.

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